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Education Technology SHPSH

Education Technology SHPSH




As a 21st century community we are responsible for quality teaching and learning which enhances meaningful student engagement and promotes responsible (digital) citizens.


Mental Models (our beliefs and assumptions)


·         All students can learn.

·         Technology is a tool that is one part of a quality learning process.

·         Meaningful educational technology integration is an essential element to learning in the 21st century.

·         Effective teacher up skilling is important in raising competencies. For all educators, students and parents.

·         Other effective pedagogical strategies need to work in conjunction with technology.

·         2013 Roll out and effective classroom use are essential.


Systems and Structures


·         iPad program in junior program K--3

·         Adrian working with junior staff in implementing effective iPad integration. Integrated planning documents have been created.

·         iPad configuration with Apple ID volume license .

·         All parents have an Apple ID before 1:1 roll out occurs. Support parents in doing this if required.

·         Excite Logic used for leasing and purchasing program as well as parents having the choice to purchase independently. Apple Care is compulsory with all machines.

·         SHPSH to image laptops and coordinate roll out days. Apple consultant will support.

·         Communication to parents via posted letter and email to families.

·         SHPSH twitter presence.



Patterns of Behaviour


·         Digital license for year 4 and 5 students at the start of 2013.

·         Teacher integration of 21st century planning and learning strategies through further PD and opportunities and sharing of knowledge gained.

·         Parent involvement and participation in information sessions.




·         Jamie McKenzie professional development day

·         Parent information sessions in term 3

·         Parent learning workshop in term 4

·         Monday 4th February, laptops need to be at the school.

·         Monday 11th February, roll out sessions for parents and students in Term 1, weeks 1 and 2, 2013.

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