Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Parent Workshops - An Insight into Technology and Learning

The parent workshop held at the school next week received some great feedback. The parents had the opportunity to participate in a classroom-like environment with activities that incorporated educational technologies, but more importantly, involved higher-order thinking and some authentic learning experiences.

The lessons included:
  • Accessing Edmodo as a base for the learning resources.

  • The advantages of using Storyline Online as a reading resource for developing readers.

  • A Million Dollar Maths Challenge  - using online tools with individual or collaborative work.

  • Using Edmodo to post responses to issues raised on our school blog. Using these responses for follow up discussion and learning.

Through the evening the Integrated Learning Planning Model (previously posted on this blog) was used to demonstrate how technology was one part of the learning but other "ingredients" were used to enrich the learning experience. These included the importance of collaborative learning and the physical space being conducive to learning and discussion.

Further workshops will be held next year as the technology and learning appetite of the school community continues to grow.

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