Tuesday, 14 May 2013

New Tools.....New Learning Opportunities.......

Our 1:1 programs in year 4 and 5 have provided some wonderful opportunities for the integration of new web-based tools. Here is a description of the tools used and examples of how they are being implemented.

 Edcanvas provides a great platform for teacher presentations or the accumulation of resources for a project. The tool is also great for student presentations to show their learning. However limitations or challenges may exist as students require a password to form an account. The teacher also has the ability to create a class (bit like Edmodo) where students can place their work/ideas. Great to use as a "blog-like"class resource.
The new features of adding a quiz add to teacher functionality or students creating quizzes for each other.
Edcanvas has been essential in Project Based Learning approaches at SHPSH. The ability to bring together all aspects of a project, including website links (which mostly appear within the Edcanvas frame) project information as text, rubrics, Youtube video and images/files in one place is sensational.
An example of its use at SHPSH include a "project style' weekly spelling unit
A recent Maths Challenge project which involved students to use 3 different sites to plan and purchase equipment for a family camping trip.

Using images in learning has long been a rich and powerful strategy. Thinglink enables the user to attach links, information to the image and retain the photo as an interactive image.
The possibilites for this in education are endless.
Here are samples from SHPSH using Thinglink as tool for delivering information.

Digital License

Be a Geography Teacher

The flipped classroom can certainly be enriched with this tool. Audioboo allows the creation of 3 minute audio files that can be shared very easily to Edmodo. A great way to give further explanation or allow students to at times use oral responses as opposed to written. Each audioboo can have an image attached to it which appears during playback.

Looking beyond.....

Some technical difficulties have created hurdles but our wonderful technician has made some adjustments to filters and upgrades.
As these tools and others develop further,  engaging and exciting possibilies exist. 

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