Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Preparing Kids for Learning through Flipped Learning

Flipped learning approaches are the buzz at the moment, especially in classes and schools using 21st Century approaches. As with all educational strategies and approaches, ensuring they are meaningful and clearly assist in student progress and learning is key.

After viewing an inspiring TED video by James Nottingham, I decided to direct my use of flipped learning into preparing students for the next day's learning.
Our Year 4 class focus is Narrative writing. Over the last few weeks I have been trialling the success rate of creating instructional videos on my You Tube channel and adding them to my class Edmodo page.

As Nottingham suggests in his TED talk, Prep-Work as opposed to Homework can be very effective.
As part of their "Prep-work" I asked my students each evening to view (with an adult) the relevant video that explained the next day's learning. The idea was not to complete the task but to develop ideas and understandings through a short discussion with their parents or another adult.

The "visible learning" and progress in writing skills and strategies has been tremendous. The students have commented that they feel "ready" for the activity after having more time to think about and prepare some ideas and gain understanding for the task. It has been clear to them that having the time to prepare gave them a chance to enhance and progress the writing skill at hand.

James Nottingham's suggests that in preparing students for learning we can develop their sense of making progress in their learning. This approach has certainly given more students in my class an opportunity to succeed and to clearly see the progress they are making on a daily basis.
This approach is now being incorporated in our Year 5 classroom with early indications showing similar success. The teacher's blog is linked here for more reading.

Thank you James Nottingham!
Watch the TED talk below.

Adrian Torrese
Year 4 Teacher
Assistant Principal 2014

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