Wednesday, 8 March 2017

2017 Year 4 MacBook WorkShop

Thank you, to all the Year 4 parents who joined us in learning more about the Sacred Heart 1:1 Laptop Program, on Tuesday 7th March.
We spent the evening discussing several topics, brought to our attention, from the parent survey, distributed before the workshop.
After discussing the requirements for the mandated Western Australian Curriculum and the cyber safety programs implemented at Sacred Heart, we worked together in a hands-on Google Slides session.
The parents participated in a mock classroom experience, where they experienced first hand, how the MacBook laptop is integrated into the curriculum and classroom practices.
We appreciated the enthusiasm the parents displayed, in completing the task set for them.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact your teacher or the leadership team.
Thank you to TechTree's Mr Derek Stewart and Mr Nick Stanley for sharing their tech expertise with the parents.

We look forward to offering the Parents at Sacred Heart Primary School,  Highgate, the opportunity to attend A Cyber Safety Parent Workshop, in the coming terms.
Watch this space!

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