Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Cyber Safety Parent Workshop
Last night , over 70 parents and teachers attended the YSafe Cyber Safety Parent workshop. The feedback from parents has been very positive. We have decided that this will be an annual event for all parents to attend. 

Jordan Foster, psychologist and director of YSafe, discussed many relevant social media, gaming and internet topics. She also discussed issues around technology use for children ranging from 4 years old to the early teens. We would like to thank all the parent who attended this informative evening and appreciate the support in keeping the students at Sacred Heart safe online. Parents who were unable to attend, we strongly encourage you to attend our next Cyber safety Parent workshop, so we can share these strategies.

Jordan urged all parents to remember the ABC of cyber safety management and to attempt at least one of the strategies, or all three to be most effective.

  • Control ACCESS

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