Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Apple TV and iPads

The practicality and ease of Apple TV in the classrooms has enabled teachers to teach from their iPads with ease.
Being able to move around the classroom, switch on the iPad camera and show student work on the screen is really a "game changer". This simple but powerful strategy that assists in sharing and modelling work samples is wonderful for our visual learners.

In the Upper Primary grades, where modelled writing is so crucial, having the ability to immediately share good paragraph structure or a well written topic sentence increases to "flow" of learning.

In demonstrating apps with Junior Primary students, the Apple TV has given teachers a huge advantage to be able to be anywhere in the class and explain the lesson and learning.

Giving students the opportunity for them to share their work from their own iPad to the rest of the class has also been very successful and affirming for the students.

We have connected our Apple TV box to our new Dell short-throw projectors which allow HDMI technology. The iPad simply responds to Apple TV wirelessly.

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