Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Creating ebooks - Narratives

Scribble Press

The Year 3 class are creating narrative ebooks of their own stories.
They were given a theme, then used a storyboard to plan and write their narrative. This could be done perhaps next time on an iPad app however it was more practical on this occasion for it to be handwritten. We certainly don't what to replace some our strategies just for the sake of using an iPad if it can be done easier without it.
The students then created illustrations for each section of their storyboard. Once completed they photographed their own illustrations using the iPad. These would be used within their ebook.
Using the app, Scribble Press, the students insert their illustrations, storyline and add decorative features to each page.
Student engagement has been very high for this unit of work. The year 3 teacher has found student motivation and the inclusivity of this activity to be the likely reasons for its success. Students were all able to produce a high quality final product. The teacher also commented on the sequencing skills the students were implicitly learning.

The iPad is not a miracle tool and quality teaching was still required in the literacy processes of this task. However by eliminating the challenges that some students have in the presentation of their work, all students could feel like they are involved in the learning and had engagement levels that may not have otherwise been present.

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