Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Teaching Together

Teaching Together

The key to some of the success we are currently having with iPads has certainly occurred because of good teacher planning and thoughtful approaches to the students learning.

Team teaching between teachers and the ICT Key Teacher has fostered a sense of synergy in the planning of ideas that are year level appropriate as well as incorporating meaningful technology use.

This planning is now moving towards creating or building units of work that allow technology to be the driver but not the central focus of the learning.

Selecting fewer, more effective APPS that require students to input ideas or show their learning seems to be the smarter approach. This also allows time for students (and teachers) to learn how to use an APP well and to their advantage when demonstrating what they can do or have learnt.

I sense we are moving towards a transformational stage of what Dr Ruben Puentedura calls Redefinition, which is about creating new task and learning experiences, "previously inconceivable".

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