Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Practical Details

Student Designated iPads

We have chosen to allocate iPads to designated classrooms. Practically speaking, this has been hugely beneficial. As opposed to sharing iPads across the school, giving students designated iPads has assured that the students resume ongoing work and that teachers know which iPads to find students work when it comes to assessment.

Pre Primary students use name labels to identify their iPads. These are placed in front the iPads at learning station in the classroom.

The next step could be that students receive feedback digitally, for example via annotated PDF documents, by accessing the designated iPad email.

Managing Apps
The Year 1 class have developed folders that contain specific learning area apps. The class teacher has cleverly organised apps on each of the 15 iPads in her class then explicitly selects apps that meet the learning needs of the lesson. In learning centre environments (small group, learning stations) the students then access the app required to complete their work. A well managed classroom....

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